The first-class campaign, feedback and approval tool

AdsMaker is a workflow management software enables the user to administer and manage all sorts of campaigns, whether it’s an HTML5 Banner, a cross-media TV & radio Spot or Social Media Ads, have them commented or approved by the customer, and forwarded to the desired Media Agency or AdServer. AdsMaker is probably the most innovative collaboration and release tool, that you can find currently on the market.

  • Drag & drop uploader with integrated HTML5 Banner ClickTag Checker
  • Supports all AdServer such as: Doubleclick, AdForm, Flashtalking,
  • Mobile MockUps for Responsive view & Social Media Ads
  • Designed for advertisers, creative and media agencies
  • Easy and intuitive operation and interaction
  • Without installation, directly in the browser

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The best banner preview tool with integrated HTML5 ClickTag Checker.





The AdsMaker concept is modular. We are constantly expanding our interface,

with extensions tailored to your needs.


AdsMaker is password-protected and offers high security for your data thanks to the 256-bit encryption. AdsMaker is operated as a SaaS platform. The hosting is in Germany!

AdsMaker is a fully DSGVO compliant platform.

Supports all Advertising media formats such as:

HTML5 Banner, video and audio files, social media ads, mobile campaigns, HTML newsletters, PDF, fonts, ZIP, PPT or Excel files.
With the intelligent "Drag-and-Drop" - multiple uploading, the categorization as well as the automatic verification of the ClickTag is handled in the simplest way, effortless!


AdsMaker is the best "All in One" campaign management tool for commenting and approvals of HTML5 Display Advertising. AdsMaker gives you independence from any device. It’s a system that allows you to save the most precious part of your day, your personal time!

Module overview

HTML5 ClickTag Checker, feedback, comment, approval module, campaign preview including mobile mockups for responsive view, QR code URL generator for preview on your smartphone or tablet. BG-Color style change, statistics module, video and audio plug-In, download multiple files as *. zip file, file sharing, material file manager (Cloud), supports various social media mockups for Facebook, Instagram and Youtube ads.

>Individual Branding

The design of AdsMaker is easy to adapt. If requested, the AdsMaker system can be customized in only 3 simple steps with the design, contact details and imprint of your company and/or your customers.

First class support

We are pleased to personally provide you with assistance in setting up your account at any time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone.


You can fully tested AdsMaker free of charge over a period of 30 days.

Term of contract monthly, or yearly. No credit card required. No obligations.

  • AdsMaker module samples

    Mobile mockups module for responsive Ads





    Frequently Asked Questions

    What happens after the free trial period?

    You will be able to try AdsMaker for 30 days for free. Afterwards, your account will be converted into a chargeable membership tariff, unless you cancel your test phase beforehand.

    What is the minimum contract duration for use AdsMaker?

    The minimum contract term is 1 month and will be extended after the expiration of each subscription term by one period of the same timeframe unless you cancel your subscription prior to expiration; without giving reasons.

    1. Termination of a monthly subscription: 30 days prior to the end of the month.

    2. Termination for an annual subscription: 30 days before the end of the contract. With a commitment of 12 months you get 10% off. (only valid for a minimum contract period of 12 months)!

    How is AdsMaker charged?

    The billing is made monthly in advance.
    No credit card required.

    Wat are the technical requirements to use AdsMaker?

    AdsMaker is operated as a SaaS platform. All you need is an Internet connection and an Internet-enabled device - whether PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. AdsMaker does not need to be installed.

    How many customers can I manage with AdsMaker?

    AdsMaker is generated with an SSL-URL followed by a log-in page. You can manage any number of campaigns for a customer. AdsMaker is customizable - based on option and/or license, to your CI or the customer’s. A log-in with admin rights is provided for each license.

    What if I need new functions?

    We are continuously developing AdsMaker. If a new module is desired, we can design and develop it together with you. We would be pleased to assist you in the conception and analysis of your requirements. AdsMaker is modular in design. We also expand AdsMaker with customized extensions for you.

    Are there quantity discounts for multiple licenses

    Yes, when you purchase a subscription with 10 or more AdsMaker licenses, you can benefit from various discounts.

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